Monday, April 23, 2012

On The Road Again.

We feel the need to hit the road again and head to the country.
So here is dear hubby pulling the caravan out to pack.

Our garden at the front of the house I will show you  while I was out the front with the camera. It is a small garden because we travel away in the van and don't want an overgrown garden when we return.

The night before we were to leave it didn't look a good idea.

Over the top of our house.  It was still overcast next morning and we drove off  into fine weather.

This Quilt of mine, may have been shared before . I feel it could be my favourite.
I just love the fabric in this quilt and I am rather taken with the colours.

Sorry for not keeping up with my comments though I have been having a peep at what everyone is doing. I will have my time back next week friends and promise to be up to date with it all.
Happy Sewing .Your friend Jen x