Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally back on here.

It certainly is an amazing place of interest on here and I missed seeing everyones treasures and creations.
Life is certainly full of highs and lows.
The last 2 weeks has been a sad and worried time for my sister  and our familys as my sister's sick husband  went into hospital for  emergency surgery and sadly  failed to survive his complications and passed away 12 days later.

I have had a housefull and have been doing a lot of cooking.This is a favourite slice  of mine. So easy and yum. Thought you might like the recipe for this slice.

Base:  1/12 cups of crushed Nice biscuits. mix with 75 Grams of melted butter 
 into a square
tin and then  layer  1 cup  Chocolate Melts   then 1 cup of  Sultanas  then 1 cup
  Shredded coconut
and lastly 1 cup of  Slivered almonds  on top of base..   Pour over 1 tin of 
 Condensed Milk  .
then  Bake  in moderate oven 25-30 mins  or until golden brown and firm.
Store in fridge
 if warm or in airtight container.  Grease or line  slice tin with Baking paper.

My very first quilt I made is on the caravan bed. This was very satisfying to me and I became involved with quilting which I think is soothing ,joyful and fun. I was hooked straight  away and found my quilting group who became dear friends.

I must show Vicky's finished quilt from my sewing group. A beautiful hand painted and embroidered  pastel coloured pretty quilt .  She is so talented.

 Lovely fabrics so pretty.

I have to finish with these cute Australian Kangaroos. I have to say they are not seen as cute by our farmers.

I will add some  road signs from an album I scrap booked for fun. 

Seek the joy in every day.
      Happy sewing  Jen x
 ps. sorry my text is jumping everywhere on here and I don't know how to
stop it .                                              


laurajane said...

All the quilts are lovely.
I can relate to jumping texts,love blogging,but most of it is beyond me.
Very sad news about your brother inlaw,regards to your sister and family.
Laura xx

sew.darn.quilt said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss, my heart goes out to you.
That's a lovely treasure on your caravan bed and one cheeky roo too!
Take care,

Dianne said...

Hi Jen, so sorry to read of the passing of your brother in law. Very sad for you all. I have copied out your recipe and thought it might be a nice one to make for our up coming trip. Will fetch the ingredients tomorrow and do it. Thanks Di.

Linda said...

Hi Jen, and my sympathies to your family for such a sudden loss. I have just made that slice myself, and could only manage one piece - it is rich and yummy!! I love your quilt and also the one done by your friend. I've been very slow with blogging, trying to catch up this morning. Stay warm.

Karen said...

Sorry for your loss Jen, very sad. The recipe looks wonderful, maybe I should do a little baking! And, two very lovely quilts!

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