Saturday, July 14, 2012

Help !! Computer Takeover.

Hello blogging friends, Hope all is well with you.

I haven't been able to put a post up as my computers have been taken over this week in the school holiday time  here. I have been seeing what you all have been working on  from my iPad ,and you have been very productive with such lovely projects. I can't wait to get back to my Singer!

Bringing pleasure to our home is our dear grandchildren. I have had 4 baby ones the 1st week and 3 teenage ones the 2nd week . My pantry was full and now it is bare (well nearly) haha. Can those teenagers eat!!  Funny  how all the babies wake at 5-30 am and it is full on and the teenagers don't arise till noon after staying up late at night. Lucky I am flexible and I must add very tired at the moment  lol .

My sewing friends have been productive over the holidays and Lee has made a block book for keeping current project blocks in one place.

 Lee also made some activity mats to hang in the car for little children to use and keep their favourite toys and colouring books etc in while travelling . It has a velcro attached holder for rubbish or whatever.

I have finished my quilties for Sandra Kaye Quilty Trade for next months postage. The theme being Stitching.
This week I received in the mail  3 traded quilties  ,from Laurajane,Vicki and Carolyn, Thank you they are lovely.

The wattle is flowering now in the bush over the road from our front door and the bulbs I planted there are popping up.We have had some rain these last few days and today the sun is shining . Good garden weather.


Thank you everyone for dropping by for my first year of blogging and leaving your comments. I really appreciated your feedback.
I have just made it getting this post on here as I can hear movement from the Grandies ariseing, haha
Have a happy sewing week.
Jen x


Gudrun said...

I see you have very nice company!:-))
The house here is also filled with grandchildren.No time for sewing for me.
have a nice time with them.
Hugs Gudrun

Radka said...

Just a quick visit, I am just going to sign out, being invaded by my grandchildren for the weekend :-))

laurajane said...

Enjoy the grandchildren.One week still at school in England,then six weeks summer holidays,will see mine for a bit then.
11 rranth

Luna said...

Look at your house, filled with technology. I like the quilties with the love hearts and the house. Grandchildren, I can't imagine it, but I'll be hoping + praying for them. My favourite childhood memories were the ones spent with my Grandparents on both sides. One set both yelled alot and the other set were quiet people. Opposites! The best part was, if you were the ONLY grandchild to visit them they would get you anything you wanted.

Karen said...

Just looking at those little faces makes me tired! lol. Lee's projects are wonderful and I love your quilties too.

Manoly C. said...

Happy holidays whith your precious grandchildren and...
Great work of her friends:)