Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Creations on Display.

Hello friends,
 Even though I have nothing to display, I am still keeping my projects moveing and with some near finishes not far away .
At sewing this week my dear skilled and talented friends had some finishes.

Kay completed her fantastic quilt for her Grandson. He will be thrilled as he is madly into bikes. It is a real boys quilt. Great fabric for a boy.

 Val finished her lovely quilt with 3 layers of fabric colours .My photo doesn't show all the colours in the stripes, I tried with a close up but  not successful to see them.   A lot of cutting in this quilt for the layers. I am not sure if there is a special name for the technique used.

This is Lynne's lovely colourful I Spy quilt . Any child would love and  cherish this quilt.

And here is my dear friend Lynne Celebrating her Birthday with a Patchwork iced Birthday Cake.

 Love the little Iced quilt on the cake.

 Happy Birthday Lynne .xx

Another dear friend has finished a unusual design for a knee quilt for her Brother to cheer him up as he is not well at the moment. Very Balinese looking. .Love the circles how they evolve and the gold thread in the quilting. I don't think it shows here but looks very effective.
        Next to show is Glenda's Pirate boat on the Pirate Quilt she has made for her Grandson. It is amazing all the applique on this quilt.  What a talented friend she is

The treasure Chest is all a glitter with gold. It looks fantastic.

And here is my dear Grandaughter(5 yrs) doing her sewing . What a great sewing companion I have . It helps if you concentrate and hold your mouth right. How cute is the little darling.

This is one of  my other Grandaughters .Kristy Lee who is the eldest and is now living with us and we have started her in the private school at Belmont Christian College just 5 minutes from us. This is her first day . We have high hopes for Kristy to be able to settle into school on a new journey in life. Our Kristy (13yrs) is a quilter and her second quilt is haveing the binding sewn at the moment.

Milo loves getting his head scratched, He is saying lots of words now. He is so funny at times . Also can be a very naughty boy. I might have to send him to school with Kristy!!

Goodnight blogging friends. Hope all is well for you .
Happy sewing .
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

I enjoyed the quilt show and seeing all your friends work. I have to admit being particularly taken with the pirate quilt and I can see this having great appeal for a little chap. You have a wonderful stitching companion. Take care.

Karen said...

Such lovely quilts and your header photo is fabulous!!!! Sweet grandaughters, wonderful they both sew.

Linda said...

Lovely post Jen, as always. Great to see so many wonderful quilts and also family and friends. Good luck to Kristie in her new school. Thank you as always for your continued support. Take care as we lead up to the silly season. Cheers.

Marilyn C said...

Lovely photos of quilts. They always inspire us to keep using our imagination.

J said...

I am so glad I found you! Everything about your site warms my heart...the lovely quilts, beautiful granddaughters, and even your little pet bird. I have been doing lots of other crafty things with the grandkids lately so I have had to put quilting aside for awhile. Checking in with you will motivate me to pick it up again. Thanks!