Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time ,Where does it go?

Life is full of surprises for us lately, so much happening and the time flies by.
Being retired for 21 yrs and all of a sudden we are back at school, tied down to school hours and early morning rises again. Our 14yr old Grandaughter Kristy is liveing with us now so we are full on at the moment. Teenage attitudes, music,makeup, hair, clothing and schoolwork is keeping us busy. haha  And a  few challenges to cope with. . We are slowly makeing progress and have great hopes for the future for her.
I can't believe this is just the second post this November. I have been following up on everyone and enjoying what inspiring craft is happening out there.
We have just come back from a camping trip of 2 weeks. We really needed the break and our daughter who just lives around the corner took our grandaughter to school the same school as her 3 boys while we were away.
Camping under the trees at Sawtell Beach.  Took my fishing rod to do some beach fishing and I threw out over the waves a few times and never even got a bite. Oh well!! I did enjoy just watching the waves roll in around me. Very relaxing.

I just love this Half moon Hexi quilt and plan on makeing it one day.

 I am still fond of my very first quilt I made. It travels with us around Australia in the caravan.

 On my placement wall is the Eifel Tower quilt top for my sewing room wall. Hope to finish it soon.

Look at these happy people they are some of my dear sewing friends. We have been meeting weekly for 10 yrs now.

All happily sewing.
My little sewing companion .My grandaughter Shaylah starting a new project I posted to her as she lives in the country. All by herself doing her embroidery.
My favourite picture of Shaylah with her Pop.
Elsie makeing pop a cup of tea.
All the Christmas preparations are under way here and the decorations are comeing out at the weekend. I really enjoy Christmas.
This weekend we are expecting a heat wave .
Happy sewing . Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Some very happy snaps and I just love the colours you selected for your first quilt and it is certainly to be treasured. The Eiffel Tower quilt looks great. Take care.

Sandra Kaye said...

Its nice to have a group you can sew with!! I miss that myself. I had a lovley group of gals back in Florida...I just havent found that since I moved to Arizona!! Have a nice weekend!!

laurajane said...

Nice to have friends with the same interest in sewing,all mine think I'm potty,until they want something making or altering .
Lovely family photos.

Linda said...

Lovely post Jen. Pleased you enjoyed your trip, and it's so nice to see your sewing friends, as well as the family. I hope the weather hasn't been too daunting for you. Pretty ordinary up here!! Watering, watering and more watering! Take care.