Saturday, May 11, 2013

On the Road Again.

Hello everyone.
I am heading to the Australian outback, vast and spectacular is describing where we are going by road towing our caravan , which is perfect as it is Autumn in Australia now and heading inland to the centre of Australia at this time we miss the searing heat.
 At the moment we are at the bottom of Australia passing through bays and inlets and some of Australia's wildest coastline of our southern ocean and best National Parks.
Also visiting The Otway ranges with its magnificent rain forests ,tall tree ferns and abundant birdlife as we travel The Great Ocean Road towards Adelaide on our trip at this time. We are 2 weeks into the journey.

Enterance to The Great Ocean Road.
 The Twelve Apostles rock formations along part of the coastline.
This is some of the road we travelled on along the coast.

Here we are at one of the numerous lookouts to the sea.

The Otways Fly Tree Top walk. I just cant think of the distance in the tree tops at the minute but it was a long way through the trees.
Rainforest Walk.

Guests for our lunch stop. The Australian Cockatoo.

Not much sewing or knitting getting done at the moment while travelling. I have it all with me but I am map reading and discovering in awe our hills and valleys that spill down to the sea with stunning views and enjoying amazeing Rain Forest walks.
I am looking and trying to catch a few blog posts as I so enjoy the wonderful projects that everyone is showing on here.
Until next time.
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Have a great time Jen. Take care.

margaret said...

that is one of my biggest regrets not doing the great ocean road when I was out inn Aus.Thanks for the photos it looks amazing.
The tree top walk must have been a wonderful experience too.

laurajane said...

Have a great trip.I loved the Great Ocean Rd.Its one of the most beautiful places in the world.I will do it again when I go back to Oz . Enjoy.x

Dianne said...

Enjoy your trip Jen. You are travelling around a most beautiful part of the world! We did the Otway fly walk too - magnificent. Have Fun! We hit the road soon too heading back to the Kimberlies. Di.

Noel and Max said...

Great photos, keep on enjoying J & R. x

LuAnn said...

What a beautiful part of the world and your photos are wonderful! Enjoy your travels.