Monday, June 3, 2013

Popping in to say Hello.

Hello Everyone,
We are still travelling and have been on the road for 6 weeks now enjoying what Australia has to offer. Takeing in our spectactular scenery from the bottom and up the centre of Australia to the top marvelling at Australias incredible structures, amazing wildlife, Aboriginal Culture and endless red earth along Explorers Way. We are on the homeward trail now and should be home around 2 weeks time.
I have not been able to do any sewing projects I took with me but I have been knitting and have nearly finished a cardigan that has been a ufo for a couple of years.

This Quilt has been finished by my dear talented friend Glenda from my weekly sewing class and she sent me this finished photo . I was pleased to see the finish as before I left it was looking so lovely and colourful in the stack of blocks.
It is really beautiful and I am sure it will be all quilted when I see it next. I am really missing everyone from  class as we have been quilting together each week for 10 years.

Our camp site at Alice Springs. Camped on red earth  here and most places. It is winter now and we still experiencing 36C up the centre and into Queensland.

 At the Wakagetti Aboriginal Cultural Dancers performance.

Sunset at Winton Caravan Park with the birds (Corellas) comeing in.
I have just chosen a few quick photos as I am in an area outback that my internet may go. When I reach home I will put a few more photos of our trip on here.
I mainly wanted to say hello and hope all is well with everyone.
Happy sewing,
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Glenda's quilt is magnificent and I am glad to hear you are having a good trip. Take care.

Grit said...

Fantastic pictures and a wonderful quilt.
Greetings Grit

Sandra Kaye said...

Have fun...I would be doing the same thing:):) Maybe one day I will make it Australia my self:):)

Gudrun said...

Have a good trip and the quilt is wonderful.
Hugs from Sweden/Gudrun

Dianne said...

Oh it is so wonderful to see your photos,Jen. We are yearning to go on our next trek. Not long to go now. Love those western sunsets!! Safe travels home and cherish the memories. Di.