Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July.

Hello Everyone,
Since our holiday I have been making progress on my Wonkey Donkey quilt. I am enjoying all the applique and fun colours  for  Dillon, Dave and Doris, Dick and Daisy, Leaping Donkey and lovely big Carrots. It is a fun quilt. That is the project I am focusing on at the moment.
The Cricket Ashes are on the television in the night and I love watching the cricket.
My knitting had come to a standstill  with only one sleeve and the band to complete so out comes the knitting again while watching the cricket. This cardigan seems to be going on forever. I must stay determined for a finish !!  I love the  knitting rhythm so as the cricket gets exciting I will knit faster that way I will get it finished. haha.  I hope I don't make a mistake while watching the cricket as I don't want to have to frog the last sleeve. I will never get it done if I have to do that.

My lovely sewing friends from class have been creative and Lynn has finished her beautiful quilt  with an unusual pattern showcasing the beautiful fabric she has chosen. The soft tones of the selection of fabrics are lovely.

Lee is setting the mood for Christmas in July sewing 2 beautiful Christmas runners and a Christmas decoration. The embroidery element is a lovely highlight on one of her runners. The Christmas tree runner is lovely also . I think I will have to make the tree runner for myself . On Tuesday  in class Lee is giving us a tutorial to make the Christmas Decoration. I am looking  foreward  to being able to make one.
We are so fortunate to have Lee as our class Quilting teacher and dear friend for the last 10 years.

 Hanging Christmas Decoration.

I will finish this post with some more holiday photos.
This is dear hubby with biscuits in hand to feed the sheep at the Blackall Wool Scour Museum.
The all came running when they saw the biscuits.

Wind Farming.

Our road trip caravanning to part of outback Australia. 7,000 kilometeres  ( in black)

I am told that Australia's population is the size of New York.
We have so much wide open space to travel, sweeping plains, far horizons. Some words from /mycountry  Poem. Have a look ,my favourite poem.
Happy sewing week.
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

I hope you didn't drop any stitches watching the end of the test. That was some trip you did!!! Take care.

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!!! What a trip!!! I cant wait until I am in a phase in my life where we can go on a walk-about like that. Still have a kiddo at home:):)

margaret said...

Here I am in the UK unable to watch the cricket as it is only on sky tv and I just have the ordinary one and you can watch in Aus!! Did follow on the radio but it is not the same, very exciting, thought at the start with bote teams not doing too much in the first innings it was not going to be a great match but it was so exciting at the end!!

Lots of Christmas ideas you have shared, I suppose it will be with us sooner that we think now we are in july.

Jenny said...

Love the Christmas in July items. Hope the cardigan gets finished before winter is over...LOL.

em's scrapbag said...

The stitchery on the Christmas quilt is gorgeous.