Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter Blooms in Australia.

Dear friends ,
I would like to show you this shop I came across when on our last trip touring around the countryside.
It was huge and full of fabric. Rows and rows of fabric, so much as it was a bit daunting as you could hardly pull a roll out it was so crammed in tight and a big mess everywhere.  Another lady was in there shopping and I said "I can't believe this shop. I haven't seen so much fabric. She said "when I get visitors I always bring them to have a look. They can't believe it either, fabric everywhere. It is laying in the aisles all piled up high.
I sneaked 2 photos.

 5 rows just like that.
Some rows you couldn't walk down because it was stacked on the floor.

Here are some of the blocks I am working on at the moment. My Wonkey Donkey quilt is nearing a finish .This next week I hope to do the quilting on it.


My friend Robyn has finished the top of her flannelette quilt. I love the colours it looks soft and lovely to cuddle in. I need it on me now it is 18C.

 Winter in Australia.
Out in the paddocks.
 Some of the lovely blooms winter brings to our gardens.   Magnolia  Iolanthe.

White Fairy. Primula.
The Golden Wattle. It grows in the wild and was proclaimed Australia's National Flower in 1988 .  We have it at our front door across in the bush
 Camelia .My favourite shrub. I have four of these in my garden.
 Cyclamen. I usually have one of these in my big bathroom for the winter but I have a African Violet at the moment.
 Daphne. A sweet smelling winter favourite. I have a Daphne in my garden.

The word busy was  last week, so hopefully a quiter week comeing up and some more sewing will happen.
Stay happy and well.
Jen. x


Gudrun said...

Hej Jen!
I think you were in a real fabric-paradice.Think you have bought some lovely farbics there.The quilt you are working on is so lovely, good luck with the quilting.
You have winter and so many flowers !!
That means that you have flowers all the year?
Did you see the bag I have sewn??
Greetings and hugs from Gudrun

margaret said...

what a wonderful shop to have found, empty purses not doubt when you left!
Your wonky donkey quilt looks great fun, hurry up and finish it so we can see it.
Well I don`t know you have flowering in winter what we here in the UK have in summer, some real beauties in your garden

John Rozer said...

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Jenny said...

Love the wonky donkey Jen. Do you work on this quilt friday nights....LOL... I have lots of cyclamens in my garden but more luck than intent.

John'aLee said...

You make me want to come to Australia girlie!

Dianne said...

Oh yes, I know that shop. Love it. It is getting harder to get down some of the aisles though ;-) He has some beautiful irish linen and you only have to ask and he will find things - somehow?? Love the wonky donkey too Jen.

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