Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quilts and Birds.

Hello to all the dedicated and talented crafters of self expression.
One of the favourite things to do before starting the day is to open my front door to see what birds are in the bush .We get lots of birds and we wake hearing  them  of a morning.

 Kookaburras visit of a morning. The first photo is  professionally done .( I thought you could see them clearer than mine ) Below are baby ones on my lamp post at the front.

These black Cockatoos come now and then .They have white patches around their face and under their tail.

 The bush over from the front door. Lots of different birds come to our bush.

This is a quick post just to say hello as I am packing the caravan to travel to the beach for some rest and  relaxation  listen to the sea some beach fishing and swimming and of course some needle work. I don't think I will be out very far in the waves as a few shark attacks have been on the news lately. Well, I won't be venturing out in the water over my head I can guarantee you that for sure. haha
I have some lovely quilts to share with you that some of my friends have been making..

Sharon has made this adorable baby quilt. Perfect for a  baby's  room .

 Glenda has more progress with Tree of Life quilt adding borders.

Sondra has finished her quilt. I love the soft muted tones in her fabric choices.

 Robyn is ready to start quilting on her lovely quilt with the pretty embroideries

Thank you for calling in to the blog.
Until next time.
Jen x


Gudrun said...

Always so nice to watch wonderful quilts from your friends.Take care at the water,don´t be too brave:-)))
Enjoy some free days.
Hugs Gudrun

barbara woods said...

beautiful quilts , thanks

J said...

Your post is a feast for the eyes! Beautiful quilts and beautiful birds! Enjoy your time away. I think you'll be fine as long as you don't go in over your head out there!

Marlynne said...

Jen: What gorgeous birds! Subjects for paintings and story quilts for sure! Your caravan trip sounds delightful! I wish we had the smaller R.V.'s (caravans) here in the states. One I could handle!

Jenny said...

have a great break. the girls have done lovely quilts. I just love the birds calling in the morning. You will never need an alarm with a pair of Kookaburras.