Sunday, November 23, 2014

Call in and say Hello !!

I have missed all my bloggy friends as being away for on 3 weeks camping at the beach and limited internet I feel completely rested. I have a lot to catch up on with you all to see how creative you have been. I look forward to doing that in the next few days.
Soon Christmas will be upon us. Already the cicadas have come out due to the heat and we still have Spring. In about 2 weeks Summer arrives. Australia has had heat waves already with temperatures at 38C- 40C plus in some places. A couple of scorchers way above average keeping us confined within our air conditioned homes. I still look forward to the Summer.

My Australian Summer Days.

 Morning coffee.
Beach fishing along our coastline.

Travelling .
Visiting the Vineyards.

Best of all Cricket season.
Some quilts to share.
My niece has finished her Civil War Quilt.

 Aboriginal fabric quilt another made by my niece.
 These next 2 quilts are by Glenda and Vicky from quilting class.

 One of my Christmas projects nearly finished.

Some holiday photos to share.

 At the beach.

 Just relaxing.
Lunch with friends. My husband and our friends Robyn and John.

Summertime enjoying what I do. I have a life that I am thankful for.
Thank you for calling in.
Happy sewing days.
 Jen x