Thursday, March 12, 2015

G'day all.

Hello everyone or G'day all,
Here in Lake Macquarie where I live I am waiting for some cooler weather to come .It is Autumn and we are still getting hot summer days.  The humidity is 83% and it is 9/30pm . At least we can still enjoy a day at the beach or be down by the lake.

Lake Macquarie Australia's largest coastal salt water lake in the Southern Hemisphere..
We are 2 minutes from the lake and often take our lunch to enjoy by the lake .

Another beautiful spot in New South  Wales is Coffs Harbour and we have just spent 2 weeks there.
Our friends on holidays together (husbands) enjoying the view from the lookout.

 Hubby and I having some fun in Coffs Harbour.

The quilt I am making for my sister who is a Audrey Hepburn  fan. I still have the binding to finish.

The ladies from our sewing group have been busy and I have some quilts to showcase. Some are works in progress. Sondra is nearly to the finishing stage and Val has a finish.

I couldn't get the colour to show its best but Sondra has lovely embroidery on her quilt. I love seeing the progress each week.

 Val has a flannelette quilt finished in these lovely vibrant colours. It feels so cosy and warm .Getting ready for our winter.

I love this cheeky photo of my youngest 3 Grandchildren. 

Happy Sewing.
Jen x


Cathy said...

Nice photos. I have the same Audrey Hepburn panel. My daughter is a big fan so my quilt will be for her. Hugs

Gudrun said...

Lovely photos. I also lover Audrey Hepburn as we have +8C today.Spring is just around the corner.
Have a nice weekend.
hugs Gudrun

Radka said...

It is always nice to see where other bloggers live :-)

Kippy SoMature said...

oh my that photo of the lake is magnificent - I had no idea that the humidity would get so high there where you are - keeps your skin from drying out, no? (it gets quite dry where I live in California :) - your sister will treasure that wonderful Audrey Hepburn quilt!
Sondra's quilt is quite lovely - it reminds me of the taupe quilts that I have seen often in Japanese magazines - just beautiful; Val's quilt is so bright and cosy! your 3 young grandchildren are just precious :)

Vicki Boster said...

Jen-- what a beautiful place you live-- the aerial view of the lake is just stunning. Ohhh that Audrey quilt!!!! Your sister will be just so thrilled with this-- it's truly amazing and so creative!!

Your grandbabies are precious-- there's just nothing like being a grandparent!


LuAnn said...

What a beautiful place. We are looking forward to our weather warming up over here.