Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lovely Autumn is here.

Hello Everyone,
 Wishing you all a Happy Easter .

Autumn is a time to enjoy the countryside. The trees are  changing to many colours to rusty ,amber and gold.  Falling leaves, feeling cool and brisk. A lovely time here in Australia after our extreme heat of Summer. I really enjoy the relief it gives.

 The wildflowers pop up . This is one of many the Sturt's Desert pea and occurs in the arid regions .A well known Australian native in the central western  areas.

 Autumn beauty  during a bush walk .

I have to share my friends quilts from weekly class group as they are having some finishes and there is a lot of near finished also.

Val has finisher her quilt and what I like about it is the fabric . I was rather taken with the rich colours ,it is so beautiful. Val is very talented  with her fabric choices as she  is so imaginative.
It seems to take me ages with choosing my fabrics

Glenda is already getting her Christmas gifts organised and this Christmas runner display will brighten the room . Lucky person who receives  this.

 I have found a pattern for a Christmas runner  that I would like to make  this year and only have to choose my fabrics .Glenda is motivating me to make a start with it. I am sure it is ok to have a few projects happening at once!!!

I am waiting for my visitors for the Easter break . My family and  6 of my grandchildren will be arriving . I have put some Easter decorations for the Grandchildren coming. The 3 little ones get excited with the Easter Bunny coming. The big ones( teenagers) just love eating what I bake .

Stay happy and well.
Jen x


Cheryll said...

Have a HaPPy & SaFe EasTeR with your family... xox

J said...

Happy, blessed Easter to you and your grandchildren! Beautiful bunny display - and I always enjoy seeing the quilt show.
I had to look twice at this post title! I keep forgetting that our seasons are "opposite" and for us, the looooong awaited spring is just beginning! Right now, I couldn't tolerate another autumn because it would mean another long winter ahead. Enjoy yours! I imagine you're ready for it!

*-* said...

Hello Jen,

How lovely to see those beautiful Australian Autumn colours, pulled at my heart strings. I miss Autumn so much, my favourite season at Home. No changing colours where I am
although, I'm very grateful that summer here this year, has been like Autumn in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen wow what lovely pics and Thankyou for sharing show and tell,happy Easter my friend xx

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