Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Cute Furry Creature.

Hello everyone,
I hope above  Australia that everyone is enjoying beautiful Spring weather like down under we are enjoying a lovely Autumn coolness.
Australia has just sent 4 of the Koala  " bear " to Singapore Zoo as a gift to mark Singapore's 50th Anniversary this year of Australia and Singapore Diplomatic Relations. Our Koalas are a national icon in terms of Flora and Fauna and have left for Singapore travelling on Australian carrier Qantas Airlines.
Koala joeys are actually a marsupial as the mothers carry the babies in a pouch on her belly.
Australia has listed them as a threatened species affected by climate change.

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop gifting the Koalas.

While in Australia Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William  enjoying their Koala visit.
 You can tell I love the cuddly Koalas as I always have one on my blog  header.

We are having school holidays and 2 weeks  holiday from my sewing class group and I have been doing some grandchild minding .
Although I have managed some sewing in between.
Another machine cover finished well overdue for my Janome Memory Craft Quilters Companion.

I have some baby blankets nearly finished for the Blankets of Love and hope to send them to Cheryll at Gone Stitchin  who passes them on to the Hospitals.

My grandsons love Patties and in the holidays cooked for them some Sweet Corn (creamed) Patties.

The recipe if anyone would like.

Sweet Corn Patties.

1 Cup of Self Raising Flour
2 Tablespoons of Cornflour
2 Eggs separated
1/4 Cup Milk
250grms of  Sweet Corn  ( I added a little more )
2 Spring Onions finely chopped
Sour Cream to serve.
Sift the SR Flour and Cornflour into a bowl add Egg yolks and Milk mixing well.
Whip the Egg whites until stiff. Gently fold into the Flour mixture.
Stir in the Corn, Onion and Salt and Pepper.
Heat Oil in the Fry Pan.  Drop heaped Tablespoons of mix into pan and spread a little.
Cook until golden brown and turn and cook the other side.

 I have some knitting on the needles and I am going to enjoy the rhythm of knitting during the weekend.
I read  this and I love it!!  " My House is a glorious tribute to things more important than housework. ".
Hmmm could be my house this weekend.
Your Friend ,
Jen x



Anonymous said...

Hi Jen koalas are so cute ,love your new machine cover ,I need to make some for my machines.oh Chez will love those blankets,that's very kind of you ,and Thankyou for the pattie recipe xx

J said...

I'm crazy about those cuddly koalas! I've never seen one in person!
Enjoy your peaceful knitting! Housework can wait!

Jenny said...

I love the cuddly marsupials as well. I was lucky enough to see lots of them at Cape Otway National Park in January. I used to see a lot more as a kid in our area . Sadly I've only seen a few in the wild since then. I like your sewing machine cover and baby blankets too Jen..

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