Monday, June 22, 2015

Back Home.

Hello Everyone,
Hope all is well with you.
Since my last blog post I have been on a short holiday just 65 kilometres west of Sydney visiting the World Heritage Blue Mountains and it's breathtaking scenery. I love the mountains fresh air and crisp coolness on your face during winter. It is cold there and can snow sometimes. I love the eucalypt tall gum trees, the cliff top lookouts, walking tracks to waterfalls, misty mornings and nights. The luxury  Hotels and Resorts and the  Resturants and Cafes". Always with a big open fire to keep warm in Winter.
The Dalai Lama was visiting Australia and was in the mountains when we where there. We could hear the voices and music but we couldn't get close to him with all the security. He stayed in the beautiful Fairmont  Resort with it's beautiful panoramic views as far as the eye could see. We couldn't even get in for a coffee!!

 Fairmont Resort. Where the Dalai Lama stayed.

We did go to the Heritage listed Carrington and enjoyed some time there.

Felt like we were going into a bygone era .It was opened in 1833 as a Mountain Retreat.

Luxurious rooms.

Went to the local tourist sites, The three Sisters overlooking the valley and plains to the west stretch to eternity.

Wentworth Falls and The Three Sisters at Echo Point lookout.

 The  Scenic Railway. Very steep to the bottom. The steepest Railway incline in the world.
We often go to the World Heritage Blue Mountains as it is only a 2/ 1/2 hours from us by car.

The Scenic Sky Way video. Blue Mountains Katoomba.
Before I leave this post I must show my friend Lynn's lovely colour matched black and white prints in this amazing quilt. My camera photo doesn't show  how striking it looks . I must try for another photo soon as it is lovely.

 I made a quick mug rug to keep my coffee hot

 The mug rug was as fun to sew. I have finished some UFO's which I am happy about, but still have some more !!!
Stay Happy and Well.
Till next time Jen x


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen ,wow what a beautiful place,thankyou for sharing your lovely time,the pics are fantastic,and i love the black and white quilt xx

Jeanneke said...

Stunning pictures of breathtaking scenery. Thanks for sharing!


margaret said...

lovely to see the Blue Mountains again, I had a day there in 1996 a must for everyone to see.

The black and white quilt is very striking just shows you do not have to have colour in a quilt

Frances Leate said...

Great photos Jen and glad you had a good time. I stayed at The Carrington back in the eighties before it was restored to its former glory. Take care

Marilyn said...

Lovely photos of the Blue Mountains,the braid quilt looks very striking in black and white fabrics.The mug rug looks like a neat idea too.

jenni parkhill said...

the blue mountains are a beautiful place to visit. I'm not sure I would be game this time of year[not a fan of cold and snow]. Hope you enjoyed your stay

Dianne said...

The Blue Mountains is on our to do list. Sounds like you had a lovely time there. Beautiful photos of the scenery,Jen.

Jenny said...

Looks like an amazing holiday Jen. Love the mug rug .