Sunday, June 7, 2015

Winter has arrived.

Hello Everyone,
Winter has arrived and it has been freezing and a great time to be indoors enjoying my  sewing. I have been sewing some blocks together , quilting and binding .With the quilts on my lap they are keeping me cosy and warm. I always seem to have quilting and binding UFO's waiting.

These are 2 quilts I have finished for the Wraps with Love Inc. charity.
 Most volunteers work from home and knit, crochet,  patchwork, weave ,machine sew.  It is a voluntary organisation and the wraps get sent all around the world and Australia as thousand of people die each day from cold and trauma-Hypothermia. They get sent to the bush fire relief and flood victims and refuges also.
I have knitted the squares before  and the other ladies put them together to make a warm wrap.

My friends from the weekly sewing group have been impressive and have finished  some amazing quilts .
Val has finished her embroidered ladies, they are so adorable and pretty and has  made them into the most gorgeous quilt. The fabrics and the scolloped  borders are beautiful.

 Glenda has finished the table runner below. It is amazing so lovely and bright. She is so clever as it looks a hard pattern to me!!

It has a stunning design .
I know you are going to love Sharon's baby quilt it is delightful. So cute !!  Any little baby would just love to have it. Such a special gift.

I will be getting away from the coast for a few days to the Beautiful Blue Mountains area to the lovely tranquil valleys with their white mist and open spaces then up to the mountains to the little villages and gardens with the trees changing colours for winter. It is cool and brisk so have packed plenty of warm woollies so I can be out and about enjoying the scenery.
 Some of the things I will be enjoying. It is one of my favourite places to visit.

Till next time,
Jen x


Radka said...

Hi Jen! I love the table runner!
Well, we are supposedly having summer, but the nights are sooo cold! Still holding on to the winter quilt! LOL

J said...

I always enjoy your quilt shows! The embroidered ladies are a real heirloom piece. And that table runner is magical - such color and movement! And of course you are right about the baby quilt. Just so sweet - lucky child who will snuggle up under it!
Enjoy your trip - I'd love to try that glass sided train ride through such lovely scenery!

margaret said...

I would be only to glad to have your winters, much milder than ours and even though it is summer here, one day last week it was warmer in Melbourne than here!! Enjoy your stitching and charity makes. The table runner is certainly complicated and so effective. Have a lovely time in the mountains, I so enjoyed it when we went in 1996

Frances Leate said...

Oh Jen I just love the Blue Mountains too and spent many happy weekends there before moving to the Far North. Enjoyed the photos but one thing I am not missing is cold winter weather. Take care.

Marilyn said...

Hi Jen lovely quilt photos. The table runner is beautiful. The Blue Mountains look like a very pretty place to visit. It is on my list of places to visit.