Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy as long as a new project is on the horizon.

Hello everyone,
Hope all is well with you. We have had a very strange week . The world in general is having inclement weather lately. In one week during Autumn here in Australia we have had heat of 38.4C ,Bad fires with homes lost in Victoria. Snow in Tasmania.  Cyclones in the Northern Territory. Dust storms out west. Torrential rain falls and today in my state New South Wales where I am has been pouring rain all day with flash flooding and water laying on the roads. All in the same week.!!

Amazing that I am back on here haha but I have been getting some projects done except for the quilting ,one of my challenges and have some blocks on the placement wall and hopefully that is all done very soon.

My sewing group have been designated to their sewing projects with some gorgeous quilts .

Sondra has been making quilts for the children charities.

 Glenda has been creative with the challenge of these different blocks.
 Love this quilt that Lee has made .It is more striking than the photo shows

Lee has also finished her  beautifully worked appliqued quilt. Beautiful choice of colours also.

 Another block challenge.

These block challenges all look so different being the same block patterns.
 Sharon has been very productive and skilled finishing her quilt.
It is beautiful well worth the work .

The quilting is lovely also .Love the colour choices.

Lynne has made this pretty baby quilt.

My baby quilt I have a finish except for quilting

Here is my little Chloe saying Hello ,I am 6 months old now.!!

A sad day for me today. It is 12 months today since I lost  my dear husband ,the love of my life for 56 years.
Thank you for calling in dear blogging friends.
Love Jen xx


Jo said...

My heart is with you.
So good to see you with some quilting friends. The quilts are all beautiful. Keep strong.

Gudrun said...

Times fly away,but we have to be strong.And we are!!!:-))).Kiss the little dog from me and tell the ladies that they sew very lovely quilts---and you too!! Hugs Gudrun

Marilyn said...

Looks like you are keeping busy. They are lovely quilts from the ladies and all so different.

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