Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back into routine.

Let me begin by saying its great to be home and desiginate some time to my Janome.
While away on our travels I just had to take a photo of the Craft  shop I searched out in Merimbula on the N.S.W. Sapphire coast .  Called Mandeni Needlecraft situated in the Mandeni Resort

A very spacious shop surrounded by the native bush and Gum trees with birdlife and lizards all around.
Very tranquill place flooded with daylight and just nestled in the bush down a bush track.
We nearly thought driving in we had gone the wrong way.An amazing spot for Crafting.

                                         Mandeni Needlecraft,
where I purchased a Bronwyn Hayes book " Cotton Country Quilt" a collection of stitcheries and projects designed by Bronwyn Hayes.

Since I have been travelling in the caravan reminds me to share my very first quilt I made which I keep on the bed in the van.

While on firsts.
Another first for me was a memory quilt I designed as I went along with the help from my sewing teacher.  I made this for my dear friends who are avid travellers .

It is in three sections top blue being the sky. The middle being the land. The bottom rocks, water and snow
 Something of interest.  A photo of Australia's vital Royal Flying Doctor Service we visited which looks after 80% of Australia an area the size of Western Europe. The scope of the service is huge.

The other countries that fit into Australia.

Enough posting !! I think I am getting over excited as I haven't been able to get on  here for a while
Also a big storm is coming with thunder and lighting.
Happy quilting ,
Jen x