Friday, September 30, 2011

Now it is Spring.

Now it is Spring and the caravan has been put away for 5 weeks till the weather is warmer and we can go and stay on the beach for a couple of weeks. This I like as when we stay in the one spot I usually get a lot of sewing done in the sunshine.
Winter was when I started my blog. When the bush across from my front door comes alive with beautiful golden wattle which brightened my winter days now has finished flowering and the birds and their bird songs are in abundance ,the pretty red tipped gum trees and bottle brush .It is all coming alive in the bush for Spring .I can't say I enjoy the spiders and their big webs or the odd snake,but it is forever changing with the seasons.
A Confession : During the winter in July  I had an unfinished project ,A quilt only needing the binding finished and it is still not done !!!
This weekend is a long weekend and my husband will be sailing in the races Saturday and Sunday sooo I plan to have a couple of uninterupted days to myself sewing, before 2 of my Grandchildren arrive on Monday.
I will share some of the fabric I found while traveling the countryside.
 Looking foreward to some projects from the Bronwyn Hayes book Cotton Country Quilt.

I love this fun fabric and think I will make an apron from it.

Fabric panel, not sure what to do with this panel as yet.

How could I resist this lovely soft Alpaca wool to add to my wool stash.

My projects I started while travelling . A Clickity Clack embroidery for the front of a knitting bag I have to make.

A cardigan in Sirdar mohair wool, only have the sleeves and band to do

Here is a photo of a quilt I haven't put up before. I use it as a throw over my lounge.

I'm thinking I might sew that binding on my quilt while I watch the Grand Final of the NRL football on the television this weekend. Good idea !!
Have a happy sewing weekend,
Jen .


Katie said...

Hi Jen, Wow what an adventure! it sure looks like fun, I love the postcards quilt, also all the new fab fabric... also I'm a sucker for alpaca wool any day of the week.
Have you seen on my blog a link to the small bloggers month? its a way to meet new people and get them to check out your site too if you are interested...
Also I have to tell you that gorgeous quilt wasn't made by me - it was just the way they wrote the categories, very confusing! But I had to let you know, as I'm not quite there yet :) Happy crafting with all your holiday inspiration

Connie said...

What great projects and fabrics you have! The blue panel fabric is absolutely gorgeous! Does it feel good to be home again? It is great that you are seeing so much of the country, I love all your photos.

Radka said...

My, you have been busy! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us :)
What a beautiful blue colour of your Alpaca wool!

luysy said...

woaouh so lovely things you make !!! sorry my english is not perfect...
I´ll be back , to enjoy ll your art !!!
besitos andaluces (kisses from Andalucia-Spain-)

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