Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our trip out west into outback Australia

Hello everyone,
I haven't made a post for a while although I have been calling in on you to view what interesting projects everyone is showing during our trip out west.
I have with me some hand sewing projects which I hope I can complete while I am travelling.Some knitting while in the car and some embroidery when stopped.
Here is some views along the road.

There is an abundance of many flowering plants. Our Australian native plants coming out for our first day of spring.
My favourite being the Sturt Desert pea.

The most abundant spring native Australian is our beautiful golden Wattle above.

More Australian native plants.

While driving our highways the view across our wide open plains.

Highway to the West.
 Wonderful expansive views across the outback plains, driving over the burr of cattle grids on our 6 week journey from the east coast to the west is like a different world out here.

Coming across these tranquil settings.

Enough photos for now , I look foreward to seeing your projects along my way.
Happy Quilting ,
Jen x