Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bit's and Pieces.

New Header.
I think I have now settled on the new header for the blog for a while at least.
I am not that good changeing things around on here as I have found before !!
I love the water scenes as they are so tranquil and relaxing to view ,letting your cares float away. This spot is not far from us and we have been to this beach often. The first header was a bit dull and then the 2nd header I feel was a bit fussy and in your face, haha  It did have some lovely Australian animals that live here.

Finally I have brought to life 2 more UFO's . Finishing the lace on my Candlewicking pillow case and putting out my table runner now the binding is completed.  Apart from that this weekend I am still working on my Storm at Sea blocks and have  3 -16 1/2" inch blocks (64 pieces)  sewn of 9 blocks.

It is not real clear ,I think it is because it is all cream it doesn't photo well.

 My strippy table runner.

 This is a little beaded skirt I knitted for the little china doll.  I have had this done for a while but was next to the table so I thought I would show it to you. I have done a couple of these.

I also finished this toddler shrug while watching the cricket for Elsie.  It was a test one as I have used some stored Sirdar cotton I had and was trying the needle sizes to see how it would knit up .It is a loose knit so next one I think I will use a size smaller needle.
Hope your weekend was fun. The weather here was beautiful today and we haven't got many more days of summer.
Goodnight '
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Some great work Jen and I particularly love the candlewicked pillow case. Your new header looks good too. Take care.

Gudrun said...

You have been busy and made wonderful things.
I love water too, was down there today.It is a feeling of freedom there.
Hugs Gudrun

Linda said...

I really love your water scene Jen, and as you say, it's typical of where you live. Your work is all so lovely. Candlewicking is so beautiful, lovely to see yours. I admire those knitted doll skirts, but have never made one. What a sweet little baby shrug!! Have a lovely, creative week.

Karen said...

I LOVE your header photo and some beautiful, beautiful projects. Well done Jen!

Luna said...

Gee, I never thought about adding a little skirt to figurines. I'll have to look for one at my local thrift store - I must try this.