Monday, February 13, 2012

Thunder Storms.

Calling in to say hello!! Shareing what has been happening here the last week.
We have been experiencing severe weather in the form of thunder storms where I live in Newcastle on beautiful Lake Macquarie, New South Wales  Australia.  Heavy rain marked by strong winds,hail, thunder and lighting.
The energy of the storms seem to die out as quick as they pass over  our house leaving rain showers and hail in some areas.
We are fortunate not to be having the devestating floods that the State of Queensland is haveing right now.

 This storm front is coming across our house I took this  from my back fence.

 Our lovely Lake 3 minutes from our house building for a storm to arrive. This photo is taken by someone else.


This is the suburb of Morpeth about 3/4 hour drive from us. Taken this last week.

And while these thunder storms are happening along our East coast they are having out west in the centre near Uluru dust storms. All that red centre dust. We were caught in a dust storm once and the dust gets everywhere under the car and in the motor.

Here in Australia  we receive nothing like the freeze they are having in  Europe and other overseas countries for their winter .
 In the sewing department not a lot happening .The weekend was taken up with babysitting and cutting for the Storm at Sea quilt . Appropriate at the moment. There is a lot of cutting. I am looking at buying a new rotary blade tomorrow as I feel mine isn't as sharp as it should be. I look foreward to pierceing some blocks for it this week .
As I do this I can hear the thunder in the distance coming. I think I will snuggle up in bed and read my book for a while.
Happy Sewing,
Jen x


Radka said...

Very interesting pictures, thank you for sharing :)

Linda said...

Photos are awesome Jen, thanks heaps. You do live in a beautiful part of the country, that's for sure. I've experienced some dust storms, nothing like the whirling one in your photograph though.

I know the feeling with the sewing hiccup. Nothing happening here much lately, too many things to do outside. Take care.