Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tell me Why !!

Hello quilting friends,
Why is it when I have a few projects on the way with not much finishing to do, I go and start something else instead of completing what is current. Why is This So!!!
Maybe it is the wonderful feeling of a new project to start . OH well it doesn't matter I guess.
I am having fun discovering Hexagons. I bought a laser etched template set with 9 hexagon pieces of see through fibre optic plastic. I am finding them very helpful to fussy cut. They are different sizes of 1"inch to 5"inch in 1/2" inch increments. So lots of fun times to come with these.

Yesterday I went to my Scrapbooking case and from it I made a box to help keep my Hexie tools and fabrics together.
 I should not have looked in there as a number of  album pages need time designated to  them . The pages are  sorted ready to be put together. But!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been watching the cricket and  using my new hexagon templates cutting and sewing them while sitting in front of the television .Very enjoyable. (Sorry the photos are blury .I think I need a new camera.)

I also have been preparing my small quilts for the next lot of Quiltie Trades for April.
I was so pleased with my first hexie I am using it on one of my small quilts as the theme this time is flowers.

See Sandra Kaye Quiltie Trades  for more of these little quilts. They are very pleasing to make.

Another small quilt in the making and some spare Hexagons. I don't know yet what to do with them as making them is quite addictive and I intend to sew lots more.

This is the  youngest of my 3 grandaughters, Elsie  and I just love these photos and had to share them.

 Taken while playing outside .   " I love my dog " His name is Sebastion.

Have a happy sewing week.
Jen x


Gudrun said...

Oh, so many exciting animals in the header!Lovely.

I try to do my quilts ready,often I succee. But, of course it is nice to start a new project and the important thing is, that we have fun.Nothing else:-))
So sweet photos of your grandchild and the dog, I see they love each other.
The hexagonwork is lovely.
Hugs Gudrun

Frances Leate said...

A quilt can completely hold my attention until I have reached a point where everything is working for me and it is now just plain sailing to finish it. When I am at that stage my mind moves on to a new project which naturally I can't wait to start hence all my UFOs. It usually take a deadline for me to finish off quilts. Take care.

Linda said...

Never mind Jen. You are in similar company. I love a fresh start, but can dither on a finish for quite a while. I love your hexagons, and how you've used them. They are great as a take-along project too.

I just love the photo of Elie and Sebastion, a real heart stopper. Thank you for sharing such a moving scene.

Connie said...

What wonderful photos of Sebastion and Elsie! You definitely need to scrapbook these! Your little hexies and mug rug are so neat, I think all of us love the idea of starting new things all the time. I know I have a gazillion things waiting to be started....we won't talk about the ones that need finishing :)

Luna said...

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, I have the same issue with books! I start one without finishing the other.