Monday, June 11, 2012

The mercury has been dipping.

Absolutely freezing temperatures, pelting down rain and pounding seas here on our coast.

We usually have a walk around there but not at the moment!!
It was a good day to clean out the knitting and scrapbook cupboard . So now it looks more organised and tidy.
Then sit and snuggle up  with some hand embroidery while listening to the rain hitting the windows. I finished sewing the last side of binding on the Baby mat .One more UFO less on the table that has been there for a few weeks.

We are getting an addition to our family in a few weeks. A baby bird, a " Cockatiel". The smallest of the cockatoo family and are native to the outback regions of inland Australia.
I have been preparing in readiness for him to arrive and I am making a quilted mat for under his cage stand as he will be inside most of the time. I have the top completed and should get the batting and back finished this week and then sew a cage quilt cover for him during the night.

Fun to make was my Elvis Presley Pillow.

I would like you to meet 2 dear sewing friends Anne and Barbara  who each week have a browse at your inspirational posts on my blog.

I am trying to be disciplined to finish my UFO's still and seem to be slowly getting there.
My printing is taking on a mind of its own here tonight and not going where I want it to.
Have a happy sewing week .
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Some lovely work Jen and what a great cover for the bird cage. Love the Elvis cushion. Take care.

laurajane said...

Love the Elvis cushion,and the cage cover is great too.Your friends look a nice cheery bunch,say hi to them from me.
Love Lura xx

Linda said...

Nice post Jen, my goodness, massive waves on the coast at the moment. Glorious day up here today. Love all your makings, and hope the new addition will be a joy. We used to have a Galah [I raised if from quite young], and it used to bob up and down to Elvis music!!! Say hi to your lovely friends, they look very cheerful.

Connie said...

Love the photos of the waves and enjoy your time snuggled up embroidering. Cute baby mat and can't wait to see more of your little Cockatiel! Looks like you're having fun with your quilting friends too.

Silvana said...

Jen, you are so pretty!

Luna said...

I knew a few Elvis Presley fans that would love that cushion! Myself included.