Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here Come the Whales.

Hello, Blogging friends,
 The second day of winter here in Australia and it has turned very cold and raining where I am on the East Coast
My husband and I  love it when the Whales arrive through winter and leave us in the spring.This is when we start whale watching. They are heading north now to give birth migrating from the southern ocean then back again with their new born calves along the Australian east coast heading  to their home in Antartic waters.
We pack the thermos coffee and morning tea to go see them reguarly surfacing. They swim very close to the shoreline and beaches. So is easy to spot them. We are only 10 minutes drive away from the beaches so we spend an hour spotting and each time we see at least 4 to 6. They rest,feed,breach and tail slap. They are so huge and beautiful. Awesome to watch.
I usually take my knitting in the car and if it is not too cold enjoy the outdoors.

Today I have been quilting a baby floor quilt and only have to sew the binding tomorrow and another project finished.  I can show a lovely finished quilt by my friend Anne at sewing class. I think it is beautiful.  My camera doesn't show the colours that well.

Seeing as what I have been complaining about my camera of late  I now have a new one that came in the mail yesterday . Sent to me from my dear son and daughter-inlaw. He said it has twice as many megapixels ,more optical zoom and lots of other features.  It is little and cute. Thank you my dear ones.

And!!! I am saving this till last. My purchase of a Go Baby Accuquilt fabric cutter parcel came the same day with  the mail man.  Exciting day it was.  So I am haveing a lovely play with my new toys this weekend.

I look foreward to a day of sewing tomorrow.  Happy sewing  to you also.
Jen x


Frances Leate said...

Fabulous shot of the whale Jen and it must be wonderful to get such a great view of these fabulous creatures. Love your friends quilt and good luck with the new toys. Take care.

laurajane said...

How I would love to see a whale.The pics are just

Gudrun said...

The Whales are fascinating. My husband had some beside the sailingboat as he sailed to the Faroe islands.He often talked about that.
Congratulations to the new camera and the cutter. Looking forward to see many photos and appliques:-))
Hugs Gudrun

Linda said...

Lucky you Jen, to see the whales. Perhaps you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Migaloo {??? spelling} in time.

Your friend's quilt is simply gorgeous, and I do hope you enjoy your new camera. They are a miracle in a little box really.

I have a friend who has something similar to your cutter, and she loves it. I hope you have many happy moments with it. It seems we are all enjoying a purple patch where packages are concerned. I'm watching the road for the mailman today.....LOL...

Connie said...

That would be so neat to see the whales up close! Congrats on the new camera and Go'll be having lots of fun with these!