Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winter has arrived .

It was 17C here today and a very cold wind factor. We even had frost this morning.  Later the sun was shining and I found a protected warm sunny spot outside and sat with my little quilties for a while and sewed the bindings ready for the next  Quilties Trade at Sandra Kaye blog .

I have some lovely  quilts to share by my dear friends at our weekly sewing group.
Anne has finished her beautiful Quilt and is very happy with the finished result.

Her choice of fabric is stunning.

Any child would love Lyn's bright and fun I Spy quilt. Ideal for a young child.

Sondra also had a finish with the top of her quilt, beautiful rich colours and the star layout is striking.

I love quilts with stars

Val has been working on the centerpiece for her new project and it is already looking beautiful.

The ladies are makeing good progress with their projects at this stage .They are a little shy of the camera. haha
I am very lucky to have such lovely people as sewing companions these last 8 yrs.

My new bird arrived and he is so funny and already  has a little personality .His name is Milo and is 6 months old. He has to get used to us yet and know he can trust us. Each day he does more  and loves being near us.
I made a mat for under his cage incase he made a mess with his seed but he hasn't as yet. He has been here 3 days now and he can be a little bit  'naughty' when I leave him he gets really loud and doesn't like being by himself.  lol.  He will be allowed out of his cage soon, when he settles in.

Have a happy sewing week .
Jen x


Linda said...

Hi Jen, your friends' quilts are all gorgeous, and I especially love the peacock one. It's a beauty. Thank you for showing us such lovely work, and thank you too to your friends for allowing us such a privilege.

Your little Milo looks so sweet. I am sure he'll become one of the family in no time at all. They are very social birds. They are around our yard here in droves at times, biting the tips off the Wilga trees. I hope he continues to be a tidy house guest.....LOL.

Karen said...

17C sounds lovely, we are at day three of 35C and very humid. Beautiful quilts, I really love Anne's fabric and what a sweet little bird!

Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

Sin embargo por aquí está llegando el verano y con un calor.....


bere said...

Olá Jen
Fiquei encantada com teu amável comentário.
Venho sempre ver teu blog que é muito colorido.

Gudrun said...

Hej Jen!
Yes, you can really be happy to have so nice sewingfriends and who are so
very good at quilting.The quilts are great,send them my words.
The bird is so sweet and what a wonderful house has got.Really exclusive.
Huigs Gudrun

Connie said...

Beautiful quilts and it is neat to see a picture of Milo! He'll get to fly around the house? What about potty training, LOL......guess I've been puppy sitting too much so the "P" word is always in my thoughts.

Luna said...

Welcome Milo! That blue peacock quilt is just beautiful.