Sunday, October 9, 2011

Choosing my blog name.

I was prompted to  post this after visiting Connie from" Quilting by the River " blog who gave a link to" As Sweet as Cinnamon" blog who asked what motivated you for your blog name.
On thinking back on this my" Aussie Quilters Cotton Club" name.The name came about as where I meet each week with my dear sewing friends. We have a room in a Bowling Club and the men bowlers actually named us the Cotton Club as when we leave on the floor is cotton threads everywhere from our sewing. haha.I thought well Australia's cotton is in strong demand around the world and our Cotton growers have great optimism as I do when I start a new quilting project. Also the Cotton Club was a  famous Night Club in the 1920s -1930s a legendary meeting place for groups. If you are an Australian from down under  you call yourself an Aussie . So that is how Aussie Quilters Cotton Club came about.

 Thought I would add some Australian photos I have.
                                            Australian outback pub.

Billabong rest stop.

 Camping at Dunny Doo.
From the riverboat along the mighty Murray River.
Bye for now ,
Jen x


Connie said...

It is so much fun to read how you picked the name of your blog! In my mind I can see all the cotton thread on the floor at the Bowling Club. I didn't realize that Australian's grew cotton and I love the photos - especially the Murray River.

Radka said...

With all that "comments" confusion, I haven't been here for a while :(, sorry!
I hope it all settles down.
Anyway, interesting post, jen :)

Linda said...

Lovely blog Jen. I am sorry I did not realize you had a blog. I am rather slow on the uptake sometimes..........lights are on, but nobody home!!

I love the colours you've chosen, and all your photographs. I hope preparing your goodies for blogging keeps you motivated. I know it does me.

Take care.

Frances Leate said...

It is a great name for a blog Jen and I like that the bowlers gave you the name - it could have been a lot worse! Me I quilt and I am a night owl hence Quilting Owl. Take care.

Karen said...

How about that! A great name!

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