Friday, October 14, 2011

My boys in the Sewing room.

Hello Ladies,   Here is my boys , Burney and Gus, they keep me company in the sewing room. Sitting on their shelf watching over me as I sew.

I think they have great expressions on their faces, so I say hello Burney and Gus when I come in to sew. haha.

I finished a UFO today .A Sewing Companion that has been sitting on my shelf for a while .I really like the pretty girls on the fabric . So was pleased to see  it finished. I'm not sure it may be a gift at Christmas time.

I'm thinking I will put a ribbon tie on the front so it can have a nice  bow.

The glamour girls on the back.

I'm going to see if  I can make a couple of  Dear Jane, Civil War  blocks over the weekend. I haven't sewn any for ages.  Just a short post tonight.
 Everyone have a lovely weekend and enjoy your sewing.
Jen x


Radka said...

Hi Jen! I too have teddy bears living in my workroom! You can see them here:

Linda said...

Hello Jen, just getting to this post again now. What a cute audience you have!! I just love the fabric you've used in the sewing roll, both inside, and out - very retro. Such a bright and happy post, congratulations.