Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Black Period.

Hello everyone, Beautiful weather here at the moment,so nice that we took our lunch down to the lake today which is only 2 mins in the car .  It  was lovely outdoors in the sun for an hour. I wish I had taken my camera. I will next time as we do this often.

I have just recently finished my attic window quilt. It is a little creased to show ,(maybe I should have ironed it first)

I seem to be choosing the colour black in my quilts a lot .I am calling this my black period !!
Why is this ? I know black with colour is quite striking but have decided No more black in my quilts.

The New Babies in our street.

These birds are Pluvers and they have been sitting on eggs in the vacant block near us for 10days swooping on us and the neighbours if we go outside. Today when we arrived home from grocery shopping and went to pull into our driveway  here they where with the hatched babies only a day old. Mum and Dad watch over them and don't let them get out of site as they can't fly as yet. They carry on very loud protecting them if  they see us watching.

How green our gum trees are after the rain.

The bush over the road from our front door is looking so fresh and shiny green .
This week I am going to the nursery to get some plants of Australian Bottle brush shrubs for planting in the bush so they will be flowering for summer.

I am going to do a Before and After that I am quite happy with how it turned out.

 The hall table being delivered

This is   Before . I felt I needed a small hall table in the entry and took me ages to find something that I felt went with everything.
So this is the end result.
The  After photo.

I havent any finished projects at the moment but I have 2 nearly finished which I will share soon.
Thank you for calling into my blog.
Stay happy and well,
Jen x